How to stop your period?

Menstruation or menstrual bleeding marks the beginning of the cycle and can be said to be the first phase of the menstrual cycle, before ovulation and the fertile period. It is possible to influence menstruation using a couple of different medicines and preparations, which make it possible to postpone menstruation. The most popular drug to delay your period is Primolut-Nor (Norethisterone). The product is safe, the drug is clinically tested and provides proven efficacy. The risks of using drugs to delay menstruation are low and side effects are rare and mild. A more detailed explanation of how it works can be found further down the page.


Quick facts about menstruation
Menstruation is as previously mentioned the first part of the female’s menstrual cycle.
The process is controlled by hormones and means that women experience bleeding from the uterine lining. The main purpose is to repel it when the woman is not pregnant to prepare for a new uterine membrane. Menstrual bleeding occurs once during the menstrual cycle. A woman get their first menstruation during puberty, the exact age can vary quite a bit. The last menstruation occurs in the menopause, and once again the exact age will vary.

The fluid that is secreted during menstrual bleeding consists of the blood and tissues. In most cases, the bleeding lasts between 3 to 7 days, but there is are individual variation how long the bleeding last. A new endometrium will develop as the menstrual cycle progresses, which will be repelled the next menstrual period.

Signs and symptoms
Hormonal changes coupled with a process that is quite energy intensive for the body and blood loss may cause physical symptoms. They are often called premenstrual symptoms and the symptoms themselves can be more or less difficult.

Pain is perhaps the most common symptom. Pain is usually caused by muscle contractions. The pain occurs during menstruation and can be felt in several places, but is normally felt as a pressing pain in the lower parts of the stomach. It can also feel like pain radiating to the groin and lower back. The pain is usually mild and cause minor nuisance. There is once again a high variability, it is not uncommon that the pain is severe and occurs simultaneously with problems such as nausea, diarrhea, headache or vomiting. When pain or other symptoms are evident or severe, painkillers may be needed to relieve.

Other symtoms that may occur:
Heavy bleeding
Increased appetite
Mood swings, e.g you get easily irritated or angry.
Back pain
Breast pain

How to delay you period?
There are times when it is desirable to postpone your menstruation, and by using the right medication, it is possible to safely postpone menstruation.

The menstrual cycle is governed by hormones. By using medicines that contain the right hormone mix, it is possible to safely and gently affect the menstrual cycle. There are Pharmaceuticals and preparations which can actively influence menstruation and control when it occurs. There are two main methods to postpone your period:

  • Medicines that postpones the period with the help of hormones like progestins
  • Contraceptive pills

Delay menstruation with contraceptive pills
Contraceptive pills are a prescription hormone preparation normally used to inhibit ovulation and accomplishes this by combining estrogens and progestogens in one treatment. The pill is primarily a contraceptive method used to prevent pregnancy, it is not really meant as a preparation to delay menstruation bleeding.

The preparation can however achieve the desired effect due to the hormones it contains. You can affect when the menstruation occurs by temporarily changing the dosage and how they are used. Results are not always consistent because it is not the original application of contraceptive pills. Furthermore, it only works if you use them regularly.

To postpone your period by using contraceptive pills, you have to change how you use them. In normal circumstances, the ongoing treatment includes a break when you don’t eat any pills or eat sugar pills/placebo pills. The menstruation occurs during this placebo/sugar pill phase.

Contraceptive pills can be used to delay your period by skipping the sugar pills or ignore the break. In practical terms, you simply begin on your next pack immediately after the old is finished. How many pills you have to use depends on how long you want to delay your period. It can vary from a few tablets if you want to delay your period a few days to the entire blister pack if you want to delay you menstruation a few weeks. Your menstruation will come back when no pills are taken or you take placebo/sugar pills.

Period delay medicines
There are safe medications with good, proven effects that can stop your menstruation. They usually contain a high dose of progestogen (progestin). Progestogen or progestin are found in the body naturally and is an important hormone in the menstrual cycle.
Preparations that postpone menstruation often functions by mimic the function of progestogen, which provide a temporal and natural solution with low risks. These medications are with few exceptions prescription medicines.

Preparations of this type can be used by women who do not use oral contraceptives. Women who use oral contraceptives can also use them , but should consult a doctor before using them to get proper instruction how they should be combined.

How do it work?
Preparations that delay menstruation contains as before mentioned high doses of progestin. When progestin (progestin) is supplied it makes the body retain the uterine lining, which delays the process of repelling it. The practical consequence is that it postpones your menstruation.

A more detailed explanation involves a brief overview of progestin’s function in of the menstrual cycle. Progestogen is responsible for helping the uterine lining to grow and become strong. A strong endometrial facilitates the egg to attach and grow during pregnancy. A relatively large amount of progestin is excreted by the body during pregnancy and levels remain high throughout the whole pregnancy. Progestin levels do however drop if fertilization does not occur within a menstrual cycle, which weakens the uterine membrane which will eventually break and be repelled by the body.

Medicines that add progestin help the lining of the uterus to remain strong instead of rupture and rejection from the body. The effect lasts as long as you use the product. Your body will resume it’s normal process when you stop taking the medication.

Risks and safe use
Medicines that delay your period are associated with very low risk. The hormonal change does not last a long time. Any risks of side effects are slim and possible side effects are mild.

Some side effects that can occur are dizziness, fever, weight gain, depression, drowsiness, headache, swelling or fluid accumulation, changes in appetite. Rare side effects includes insomnia or high blood sugar may.