Buying medicine online

Buying medicine online is a growing trend. It is a natural development of a larger trend that can be observed, it is becoming increasingly more accepted to buy products and services online. This trend is reinforced by the facts that information about diseases, conditions and ailments are more available today. Internet is a significant contributor to this. Furthermore, many people have a strong interest in health and wellness. All this leads to two things that make online chemists more accepted. Firstly, thanks to easily available information there are many people that have relatively good knowledge about diseases, treatments and medicines. Secondly, the acceptance of buying a wide variety of products on the internet have led to and increasing acceptance and willingness to buy medicines online.

According to a study conducted the Swedish Medical Products Agency the results were quite telling. A full 60% of all respondents considered themselves to have the knowledge about what medicines they needed without contacting health care professionals. About 20% of those surveyed were willing to buy medicines from other sources than traditional pharmacies.

Growing interest
Shopping medicines online is a sought-after service, and interest is growing. Furthermore, it is not only small, dodgy merchants who sell medicines on the web today. There are many legitimate, reputable merchants offering to buy medicines over the internet. Several state-owned pharmacies from different European countries are offering the service to buy prescription and over the counter medicine through their website. A growing number of legal and well established private owned merchants are also providing the same services.

Why use online pharmacies/chemists?
Interest in online chemists will not only increase because of the growing interest health, but they also offer a few distinct advantages that traditional retailers have difficulties to compete with.

  • Travel. Buying online means you do not have to go to the pharmacy or traders to buy medicines
  • Service level. Online pharmacies are open around the clock so opening hours are not a problem
  • Discrete shopping A discreet purchase can often be a great advantage, especially for medicines that may be perceived as embarrassing to buy and use
  • Prices may be a bit lower. This is not always true, but It is easier to find good prices on the web compared to a common high street. Besides, it is easier to compare prices between many merchants and some online chemists keep consistently lower prices
  • Online consultations. Some online pharmacies offer consultations with doctors via the Internet in connection with the purchase. In addition to making the purchase safer it is a discreet way to consult with a doctor about problems that may be perceived to be taboo or shameful to talk about